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American Honey Queen Program - Hosting Information and Requirements
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Hosting the Honey Queen or Princess

American Honey Queen-Princess Program Sponsor & Host Family Requirements

If you are planning a promotion and would like to have the American Honey Queen or Princess to attend, extend an invitation. An invitation may be extended by an individual, an association, or any interested organization. To extend an invitation, simply complete the request form, or write a letter or email to the chairperson of the Honey Queen Committee. Advise the chairperson of the type of promotion and the dates you wish the Queen/Princess to attend. You should advise the chairperson of any other possible media exposure and other possible activities she might be able to attend.

As soon as your invitation has been confirmed, the chairperson will send photos and press releases of the Queen/Princess. Provide your local newspaper with the photos and news releases noting that the Queen will be appearing at your promotion. Contact the television and radio stations and set up interviews (Talk shows and farm news are good programs). Fill the Queen’s/Princess’s schedule with as many activities as possible. Your Chamber of Commerce will usually be delighted to help you. Send the chairperson a list of all appearances as soon as you have them confirmed. The chairperson might have some helpful suggestions for you.

As early as possible in the planning process, the chairperson and the Honey Queen/Princess must be furnished the names, address, phone numbers and email address (if applicable) of the persons who will be responsible for the Queen/Princess during her visit. If public transportation, such as air travel, is included in the arrangements, specific details on time of arrival, flight number, airport, and meeting spot must be included. During promotional tours when a Honey Queen/Princess stays in the home of a host, there must be another female adult occupying the residence of the host.

The following information should be given to the Honey Queen/Princess when she is visiting your area:

  • Local honey floral sources
  • Time, date, and place of local beekeepers meetings
  • Itinerary of promotions
  • Honey production statistics for your area/state/United States
  • For demonstrations: the host should have the ingredients and equipment together
  • For talks to be given: have date, time, organization, and allowable length of speech

After the Queen/Princess has completed your promotions, send the chairperson a complete list of the appearances and the time spent at each appearance. It will help the committee to make the best use of the Queen’s/Princess's time.

Host families or hotels are appropriate accommodations for the Honey Queen/Princess. If staying in with a host family, at least one woman (over the age of 18) must be present within the home. Host families must provide a smoke-free home or hotel room for the Queen/Princess. If the Queen/Princess will stay in a hotel, the Sponsor must pay the hotel expenses. Hosts and sponsors are responsible for providing the Honey Queen/Princess with transportation and meals while she is in your State.

To arrange for the Honey Queen or Princess to visit your area, please complete the American Honey Queen-Princess Request Form.