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American Honey Queen Program
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American Honey Queen Program

Purpose and Objectives

The American Honey Queen Program provides the entire beekeeping industry with a salesperson and a public representative. The purpose of the Honey Queen/Princess is to increase the consumption of honey, as well as educate the public about the beekeeping industry nationwide. They travel throughout the United States during the year of their reign.

The beekeeping industry touches the lives of every individual in our country. The public finds this industry interesting and unique. Promotions can range from school visits, fairs, civic organization speakers, to prime media such as radio, television and newspapers.

The Queen and Princess educate the public with facts on the beekeeping and honey industry concerning pollination of our nation’s crops and how dependent we are on the honey bee for agriculture, how honey is a healthy substitute for sugar, and how honey also extends the shelf life of baked products and adds that extra special something, such as taste or texture to other products. The ladies do cooking demonstrations using honey in their recipes, which the public will find in the brochures they hand out at promotions.

The Honey Queen and Princess also speak at seniors groups, stores, conventions for homemakers, FHA, FFA, etc. and the list goes on. They have also been known to help in beekeeping demonstrations at fairs by wearing bee beards and with the processing of honey from comb to bottle.

Kids can learn more about honey bees and beekeeping from the current Honey Queen and Princess by visiting the following Web site: http://www.buzzingacrossamerica.com/.

Schedule a Honey Queen or Princess Visit

To arrange for the Honey Queen or Princess to visit your area, complete the American Honey Queen-Princess Request form or contact:

Anna Kettlewell, Chair
10432 W. Norwich Ave.
Greenfield, WI 53228
Phone:  414-545-5514
E-mail:  honeyqueen99@hotmail.com

Information and Requirements for Hosting the Honey Queen or Princess

If you are planning a promotion and would like to have the American Honey Queen or Princess to attend, extend an invitation.  An invitation may be extended by an individual, an association or any interested organization. To extend an invitation, simply complete the request form, or write a letter or e-mail to the chairperson of the Honey Queen Committee. Advise the chairperson of the type of promotion and the dates you wish the Queen/Princess to attend. You should advise the chairperson of any other possible media exposure and other possible activities she might be able to attend.

Click here for additional information regarding Program Sponsor and Host Family requirements.

Honey Queen Recipe Brochures

Honey Queen recipe brochures are sent to organizations and groups that host the American Honey Queen or Princess for free. If you wish to have Honey Queen recipe brochures for your promotions, but cannot host the Queen or Princess, you may purchase brochures at a cost of $10 per 100 brochures, plus shipping charges. To order brochures, please contact:

Betsy Veith or Carol Kuehl
P.O. Box 220
Loup City, NE 68853
E-mail: cbinvoices@cooknbeals.com

View 2018 Honey Queen Recipe Brochure in PDF format

Current and Past Honey Queens and Princesses

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