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2015 ABF Conference- Center Ballroom
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2015 North American Beekeeping Conference  & Tradeshow- Opening Session and General Session

Wednesday, January 8, 2015

Center Ballroom – Opening Sessions

·        General Session with Tim Tucker

a.      PowerPoint Presentation

·        Dying Bees: Harbingers of the End Times or Opportunity Buzzing- Dr. Jim Frazier

a.      PowerPoint Presentation

·        2014 American Honey Queen and Princess and Introduction to the 2015 Queen Candidates

·        Apimondia USA Bid 2019- Debbie Seib

a.      PowerPoint Presentation

·        Best Management Practices in California Almonds- Bob Curtis and Gene Brandi

a.      PowerPoint Presentation

·        ABF Legislative Update- Fran Boyd

a.      PowerPoint Presentation

·        How Do We Get There From Here?- Dr. Kirk Anderson

·        Platinum Sponsor Presentation- Mann Lake

·        Pollinator Partnership Honey Bee Update- Laurie Davies

a.      PowerPoint Presentation

·        Small Scale/Sideliner SIG Meeting

·        Joint Producers/Packer & Small Scale/Sideliner SIG Meeting

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Center Ballroom-  Early Recordings
Center Ballroom- Mid Morning Recordings

·        Bee Informed Partnership: Drivers and Solutions to Poor Bee Health- Dennis van Engelesdorp

·        National Honey Board Promotions and Research- Catherine Barry

·        Who is Pam Waggle Dance With? – Project Apis m’s Partnerships Helping Honey Bees- Christi Heintz

·        Healthy Bees, Healthy Environment, Healthy People: The Honey Bee Health Coalition- Julie Shapiro

a.      PowerPoint Presentation

·        Foundation for the Preservation of the Honey Bees Update & 2015 Foundation Scholarship Recipients- Joan Gunter

·        A Year in Review- 2014 American Honey Queen and American Honey Princess

a.      PowerPoint Presentation

Start of Mid-Morning Recordings

·        Queen Failures, Mites Treatments and the Post Office: Connect the Dots- Dr. Jeff Pettis

a.      PowerPoint Presentation

·        Platinum Sponsor Presentation- Dadant

·        Balancing Pesticides Risk and Forage Production to Conserve Bees In and Near Cropland- Dr. Johnathan Lundgren

Friday, January 9, 2015

·        Bee Time: Lessons From the Hive- Mark Winston

·        PowerPoint Presentation

·        ABF Business Meeting




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