2010 American Honey Show


Top Honors Given During 2010 American Honey Show

ABF members Stan Wasitowski, of Fleming, New Jersey, and Liz Vaenoski, of Clinton, Wisconsin, took top honors at the 2010 American Honey Show.  Wasitowski's Extra Light Amber Honey won Best of Show - Honey, and Vaenoski's Artistic Beeswax received Best of Show - Related Items. 

The two were among 23 entrants in the show, which was held during the 2010 North American Beekeeping Conference & Tradeshow in Orlando, Florida.  The entries were auctioned to benefit the American Honey Queen Program.

Click here to view the complete list of Honey Show winning entries.

Call for Entries for the 2010 American Honey Show

Artistic Candles Added to Honey Show; Gift Basket Theme "Bee My Valentine"

The American Beekeeping Federation (ABF) invites you to enter the 2010 American Honey Show, which will be held during the 2010 ABF annual conference in Orlando. This is a prime opportunity to showcase your bees' abilities to produce the purest honey, the best wax and the most goodies.

A class for Artistic Beeswax Candles has been added for the 2010 show. Also, the Honey Show Committee has announced that the theme for the Honey Gift Basket class this year will be "Bee My Valentine."

The Artistic Beeswax Candles class will provide a separate designation from the "plain" Beeswax Candles class. For the new class, the candles must be 100-percent beeswax, but non-beeswax enhancements will allowed.

The Honey Show will showcase the best examples of honey and beeswax. It includes 12 classes for honey, four for beeswax and the gift basket class. After the entries are judged, they will be auctioned to benefit the American Honey Queen Program.

Click here for the official show rules/regulations and entry form. The entry form and appropriate fees must arrive at the ABF offices by Tuesday, December 15, 2009. 

Questions? Contact the ABF office at 404.760.2875 or via e-mail at info@abfnet.org. Good luck!

2010 American Honey Show Sponsors

The ABF thanks the following companies for their support of the American Honey Show:

Water White Honey: Sioux Honey Association

Extra White Honey: Dutch Gold Honey, Inc.

White Honey: Golden Heritage Foods, LLC

Extra Light Amber Honey: Miller's American Honey Co.

Light Amber Honey: Ashurst's American Honey & Beekeeping

Amber Honey: Burleson's, Inc.

Dark Honey: Glorybee Foods, Inc.

Chunk Honey: The Speedy Bee

Round Comb Sections: Ross Rounds, Inc.

Comb Honey - Square: Walter T. Kelley Co.

Cut Comb Honey: Tropical Blossom Honey Co.

Creamed Honey: Mann Lake Ltd.

Beeswax Block - Natural: Dadant & Sons

Artistic Beeswax: Texas Insurance & Financial Services

Beeswax Candles: Rossman Apiaries

Artistic Beeswax Candles: Betterbee, Inc.

Honey Gift Basket: Central Life Sciences/Apistan