Session Recordings/Handouts


Many educational sessions were recorded during the 2013 North American Beekeeping Conference & Tradeshow in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and are now available for your review. Download them at your convenience and spend some time revisiting the 2013 conference in your own home.  We hope you find these recordings to be a valuable resource for your personal beekeeping education and experience.  Click on the links below to access the audio version of these sessions.

Special thanks to American Beekeeping Federation Vice President Tim Tucker for his assistance with this project.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013 (General Session)

George Hansen: President's Address  (MP3 File)

May Berenbaum: Keynote Presentation (MP3 File)

Fran Boyd: ABF Legislative Update (MP3 File)

Rob Page: Selective Breeding for Pollen Hoarding and Honey Production (MP3 File)

 Wednesday, January 9, 2013 (Package Bee & Queen Breeders Shared Interest Group)

Rob Page: Principles of Breeding and How Workers Make Queens (MP3 File)

Greg Hunt: Selecting the Bees that Bite Mites (MP3 File)

Sue Cobey: Queen Rearing & Selection Methods, Using the KISS Principle (MP3 File)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013 (Honey Producer/Packer Shared Interest Group)

Pat Heitkam: Queen Bee Situation in North America (MP3 File)

Fabiana Ahumada: Advances in HopGuard Application (MP3 File)

 Wednesday, January 9, 2013 (Small Scale/Sideliner Shared Interest Group)

Charlie Vorisek: Hobbyist/Sideliner Marketing (MP3 File)

David Tarpy: Better Queens, Better Colonies (MP3 File)

Dr. Larry Connor: The Importance of Drones (MP3 File)

Shane Gebauer: Current Trends for our Retail Market (MP3 File)

 Thursday, January 10, 2013 (General Session)

Dr. James Frazier: Pesticide Impacts and Interactions for Migratory Beekeepers (MP3 File)

Dr. Christina Grozinger: The Center for Pollinator Research at Penn State - An Overview of Research, Extension and Outreach Activities (MP3 File)

Dr. Dennis Van Engelsdorp: The Bee Informed Partnership - Insights into Best Management Practices (MP3 File)

Dr. Marion Ellis: Timing Varroa Suppression Measures (MP3 File)

Dr. Tom Rinderer: Research Update from the Baton Rouge Honey Bee Breeding and Genetics Laboratory, Part 1 (MP3 File)

Dr. Beth Holloway: Research Update from the Baton Rouge Honey Bee Breeding and Genetics Laboratory, Part 2 (MP3 File)

Dr. Medhat Nasr: Are the Bees Out of the Wood? (MP3 File)

Christi Heintz: Focus on Forage and Pam's Research Program and Coporate Sponsorship (MP3 File)

Dr. Judy Chen: Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV) - What We Have Learned Since the CCD Outbreak (MP3 File)

Dr. Jay Evans: Novel Approaches to Bee Disease Management (MP3 File)

Jill Clark & Zac Browning: True Source Honey Update (MP3 File)

Thursday, January 10, 2013 (Serious Sideliner Symposium)

Greg Hanniford: $500 per Hive per Year (MP3 File)

Ted & Becky Jones: Our Pollination Business (MP3 File)

Tim Stewart: Chasing Honey 101 (MP3 File)

Blake Shook: Overview - The Honey House (MP3 File)

Rich Wieske: New Products (MP3 File)

Mike Palmer: The Nuc is the Future (MP3 File)

Jim Haskell: Why Local Nucs? (MP3 File)

Steve Repasky: Urban Nucs (MP3 File)

Sheldon Schwitek: Growth through Nucs (MP3 File)

Dave Tarpy: Scientific Considerations of Queens in Nucs (MP3 File)

Friday, January 11, 2013 (General Session)

Reed Johnson: Broodmapper - A Web-Based Game that Contributes to Honey Bee Research (MP3 File)

Ramesh Sagili: Beekeepers Supported and Partnered Bee Research and Extension - Update from Oregon State University (MP3 File)

Doug Holy: NRCS Programs and Projects for Honey Bee Habitat (MP3 File)

Dave Hackenberg: National Honey Bee Advisory Board 2012 Recap/NHBA's Activities with EPA, State Lead Agencies, Pesticide Industry, Etc. (MP3 File)

Dr. Peter Teal: Research on Methods to Control Pests of Honey Bees at CMAVE-USDA-ARS (MP3 File)

Panel Discussion: The Bigger Picture in Pollinator Health - Resources Beyond the Beekeeping Industry (MP3 File)

Friday, January 11, 2013 (Serious Sideliner Symposium)

Larry Connor: Overview - Queen Rearing (MP3 File)

Leslie Houston: Club Queen Apiary (MP3 File)

Les Eccles: Queen Program in Ontario (MP3 File)

Steve Repasky: Swarm Management (MP3 File)

Dewey Caron: Overview - Mite Control (MP3 File)

Pat Bono: Bee Wellness Training (MP3 File)

Sam Comfort: Alternative Hives (MP3 File)

Saturday, January 12, 2013 (Interactive Workshops)

Kristine Jacobson: Apitherapy Part 1 (MP3 File)

Kristine Jacobson: Apitherapy Part 2 (MP3 File)

Randy Oliver: Bee Disease Identification (MP3 File)

Randy Oliver: Commercial Mite Management without Synthetic Miticides (MP3 File)




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