Mission Statement


The mission of the Foundation is to preserve and protect honey bees to ensure a quality food supply and environment.
  • Enhance and expand the awareness of the contribution of honey bees to agriculture and to society.
  • Create additional appreciation and interest in the profession of beekeeping through studies in technical and scientific subjects.
  • Strengthening beekeepers' skills through educational programs.
  • Provide resources for continuing bee research particularly in areas which will advance bee culture, improve pollination, and conserve biodiversity.
Goals: Short Term
  • Determine and prioritize the list of possible donors to support programs.
  • Develop the promotional materials and establish how and when to approach possible donors.
  • Set up the procedures and methods to be used to account for control and report on the donated funds, expenses, and allocations to proposals or programs.
  • Establish the criteria for evaluating, prioritizing and selecting proposals to be funded.







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